Friday, October 17, 2008

My "Baby" Turns 5

Cruel, really, how fast time moves after you have kids. Seems like just last week I was in the hospital delivery room, weeping with relief and happiness that I had this amazing new person in my life.
This morning he honored the day of his birth by puking on my bed. And then the couch. But he says he feels much better now. Told you my kids were always pukey.
Tonight after dinner we'll pull out Isaiah's baby album, and go over the story of the day he was born. He loves that. This morning he was a picture that my uncle sent me in the mail, of me when I was barely 3 years old, hugging a Raggedy Ann doll that was bigger than me. He looked at it and said, "But Momma, there was no one there to make me dinner when you were a baby." So here's Isaiah's I'm Five smile, and below that, what I found when I called out to Daimean and asked, "Are you letting Ilio on the couch??"


Midwest Mommy said...

Happy Birthday!
I love the pics.

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday, cutie! Hope everyone is feeling better (GB is looking a bit under the weather, too..). And Belly is looking adorable, even if he was pukey. ;)

btw, I tagged you over at my place.

Chris said...

He is a cutie. You know time flies when you are having fun so you must have been having a lot of fun with him.

Monique said...

Happy birthday!!! Is he better yet? =( I sure hope so

Dawn said...

He's SO cute.

And I love the dog.

And, wow, 5???