Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Kind of a Mother Would...?

We're all guilty of using that phrase, either out loud or in our heads. I don't like that phrase. I hate it when something like that pops into my head for something less than blatant child abuse.
What kind of a mother would say that to her child?
What kind of a mother lets their kid watch TV all day?
What kind of a mother doesn't read to her child?
What kind of a mother lets her kids speak like that?
What kind of a mother site on blogger reading about other people's kids instead of playing with her own?!

Umm.... yeah. I think I have to go now!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cementing My Status World's Coolest Mom. At least in the eyes of my own son, and that's all I care about.

D had a field trip this week. So I packed him a lunch, made sure he wore a school logo shirt, had his cell phone charged, etc. But on the way to school I realized he didn't have any cash. Not even a few dollars for water or ice cream. When I was a kid I *hated* that. So I pulled into a gas station to use the ATM on the way to school. No luck, Hubs had the card. So I dropped him off with a promise to return with money.
When I returned, the principal told me they'd left already, but if I hurried, I could catch the bus in front of the other building.
So I drove. Fast. and I pulled in front of the busses so they couldn't leave. I walked right onto the bus... oops, wrong bus.
So I walked right onto the NEXT bus and gave D his money, and received cheers from him and his classmates.
He says I rock.
And if he thinks so, it must be true.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reflections on Momma's Day

Mom's aren't perfect. Me, I spend most of my time just trying not to do anything that will mess my kids up. As an adult I'm trying to have some kind of functional relationship with my own mother. It's not easy. I hope that right now I'm laying the groundwork for a good relationship with my adult children.
But enough about my neuroses.

Today I got a tiny potted flower, a movie, wildflower seeds, a faaaabulous pair of shoes and a necklace. Because mother's day is all about presents, right?

Lemme tell you about my card. Are you familiar with lolcats?? My darling Hubs and my very funny boys made me a Lol card, with a pic of my two comedians on the back. How cool is that??

Oh and the best of all..... and the one that will land my kid in therapy.... is a scene from Star Wars that Belly drew for me. It's got me as Leia, him as Darth Vadar, and a very angry Anakin after his hand gets cut off. Am I the only mom who got a drawing of an amputated, bloody arm stump? I bet I am! I'm so lucky!!