Friday, May 2, 2008


Here's Belly dressed as Link, and Belly crying after being told to TRY the food before he decided he didn't like it. Ah, dinner time fun. My husband thinks I'm terrible because I waited to get a good pic of his pain before addressing the situation. But my fellow bloggers understand!

As for costumes, honestly I just keep putting stuff together until it works. For this one, I used the cardboard back from a coloring book to make the shield, then glued construction paper over it. The hat was a total trial and error with my fancy paper folding and heavy glue applications until it started to take shape as something he could actually put on his head.

Lately, something strange has been happening to me. I'm suddenly overly sensitive. And I don't mean for a couple of days, I mean for the last month. I'm constantly second guessing myself, worrying too much, and I find myself on the verge of tears (which is sooo not standard operating procedure for me) I know, rare is the mom who always feels like she's got it all together, right? Lately I've felt I'm dropping the ball a lot. Missed bills, late movie rentals, budget blow ups, hey, I even forgot my husband's birthday. It's like I have this massive To Do list in my head, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed. And over stimulated. Ever felt like everything is just too loud and too fast? When 3 people talk at you all at the same time, and the phone's ringing, and you just sigh because you don't know what else to do? That's how I feel. Now, I'm not going to go have a breakdown of anything as self indulgent as that, but I REALLY need to slow down this weekend and gain some perspective.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crafty Momma

One of my little known talents is being able to whip up a costume on a day's notice out of paper towel rolls and glue. Just call me Momma McGyver. With help from a friend, I've sent my kid off as an orphan for an Annie play, St. Patrick (complete with rubber snake) and this morning, I sent Belly to school dressed as Link, from the Legend of Zelda. He even sings the song, "Link, has come to town, to SAAAAVE the Princess Zelda!"
Today is fairy tale dress up day, and I assumed Belly would want to be a prince because when I tell bedtimes stories, they are the Brave Prince Belly and the Honorable Prince Golden Boy. But no, he insisted he had to be Link. With Golden Boy and DH giving me details, I dressed little man in green pants, a brown shirt, a construction paper green hat (that HAD to be round in the front and pointy in the back, they said) with a cardboard shield and even a fairy, glued to one of Daddy's IBEW pins :)
I'm impressed, dammit.

Pictures to come as soon as I find the USB cable for my camera....

BTW I've added some rad Momma Bloggers to my blog roll. Stop by and see how great they are.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Uh Oh

I'm pretty sure DH doesn't read my blog. So any of his friends or acquaintances, don't mention this post, okay?
Yesterday was his birthday. Guess when I remembered that little fact? Yesterday morning. Was getting ready in the morning and glanced at the calendar to make sure there were no field trips or anything... and there it was. Oops.
Needless to say my gift wasn't thoughtful or even very interesting. I had to take the bus in the rain at lunch to go get one. That sucked ass.

On to bigger and better things... MARIO KART!!! I lurve Mario Kart! We were playing until well past bedtime last night because it's so much fun. Then this morning I saw an ad for WiiFit, some kind of work out thing. *sigh* is there anything the Wii can't do??

Golden Boy's new favorite website is He likes to read them out loud for Belly, and use silly voices. Yep, this is what we do at home.

Yesterday is snowed. SNOW. At the end of April. Are we in Chicago or Antarctica?!

Now if you'll excuse me, I haven't had my coffee yet, and so I'm not quite normal. I bid you good day.