Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun With Old Pictures

Here's our life in a nutshell.... start at the bottom, sorry, I added the pics in backwards and I'm too lazy to do it again!

2nd baby, 2003

1st baby, 1998

10 minutes before getting married, 1998

HS graduation, 1996

Senior prom, 1996

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Kendra from Three Scurvy Dogs (and Their Mamas) *Sorry, my links still don't work!*

tagged me and challenged me to grab a camera and show where I'm blogging from - without cleaning. Ha! Good thing I don't blog from home! You'd see the dismantled bed frame hanging out in the family room, or a laundry basket perched on a chair, OR a small child with a Hawaiian Punch mustache dancing like a loon. Here's my blogging space, safe in the sterile work environment :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Small Kindness

At lunch I took a walk, and stopped at Walgreens to buy Jay's Salt n' Sour chips and Always Ultra Thins. One thing explains the other, you see. Anyway, when I checked out, the cashier double bagged the Always so it wouldn't be visible as I was walking down the street. It was a small kindness, but I'm always impressed with those.

What small kindness made your day today?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Got a Guy

Pronounced, "I-got-ta-guy"
We're STILL working on our 1st floor bathroom (yes, it's the project that never ends) and here in Chicago, I've tapped into the GOBN. That's the Good Old Boys Network, for non-Chicagoans. Where a bunch of *ahem* older guys know everyone. I called my uncle with a question about a referral for some home improvement type stuff. I ask specifically about Mr SO and SO, who was an old family friend. "No way," he says, "that guy's a crook." The he says, "Don't worry. I got a guy."
Everyone here has Got A Guy for everything. And, in a peculiar way, like everyone else from my parent's generation, everyone must be called by their first and last names. It always makes me laugh. Each time he's referred me to these GOBs, I call and say, Hi, This is Dave's Niece. No further introduction needed.
So yesterday I tell Hubs, don't worry, I got a guy. I explain the whole tale, and finish by telling him that although the guy in question was the first male - outside Daddy, of course - to ever earn my absolute adoration, my first crush, he need not feel threatened. Since I was 4 and he was about 28, he's now quite outside the range of Guys Husbands Should Worry About. Still, it's funny.
This morning I called "the guy" and sure enough, I can hear the gentle condescension in his voice, because he probably thinks I'm about 12. There are some roles we'll never get past. I'm Dave's Niece. Period.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Jesse of Arc

Score! I went to a discount bookstore at lunch and picked up The Autobiography of Henry VIII for $7!!! Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, and I'm a little obsessed with the Tudors (the family, not the show)
However, my dear Henry will have to wait until I finish I, Mona Lisa... and then Twilight, because I finally broke down and got it last week.