Friday, February 20, 2009

When One Door Closes

Yesterday someone asked me, Do you want a job? Now, this is someone who has asked me this before, and never has anything I deem Jesse-worthy going on. So I said no. He said, This time it's different, and proceeded to lay it all out. Easy work, close (VERY close) to home, and flexibility for when I start school. I'm sold. We'll see what happens.
Yesterday I made chicken soup to combat the deep freeze our city has fallen into. For Isaiah, I made tiny alphabet pasta and gave it to him with just enough broth to cover it. Basically, a bowl of noodles. He refused, complained, cried and finally threw up when I told him to eat what he was given. After all that mess, do you know what he asked for? Ramen - A BOWL OF NOODLES! *sigh*
In an effort to keep the dogs off the furniture, I purchased a ScatMat. A plastic mat that gives a slight electric shock (feels like a static shock, I tested it to make sure I wasn't going to fry them) and for the FIRST time in forever - the dogs are laying on their own blankets on the floor. It was a pricey piece of plastic, but well freakin worth it.

AND I found out why Daimean has been waking up in the middle of the night. He'd been setting the alarm on his cell phone for 3am!!!! Oh yes, that has been stopped.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks, But No Thanks

That's what I got back from the company I interviewed with last week. I'm not surprised, as the dept manager seemed disinterested, and was wary of me applying for a lower position than I'd been in previously. Ah well, back to the job boards.

Isaiah is getting over being sick, and he's very, VERY sensitive today. Cries at anything.
Daimean is currently crying over his homework, because he didn't turn in all the missing stuff he was supposed to last week, and guess what? Mom's not happy. So I tell him that, plainly and calmly, and Isaiah gets upset. I tell Isaiah I'm frustrated, and he starts to cry.
He sees a cut on my thumb, and starts to cry.
He's out of chopsticks, so he cries.
You see a pattern here?