Friday, May 18, 2012

Diet day, Um, 19 or so

Since I've gone ultra restrictive and lived to tell the tale, I feel like it's time to transition to an easier to follow, low calorie diet plan. Mostly because breakfast and lunch are kind of a pain in the ass when you're low carbing it. You have to MAKE breakfast, then take the time to eat it. Then you have to MAKE lunch (whether it's a chicken breast or a pork chop, it takes time!) and really, who has time for that? If I don't do that, then I have to shell out $9 for a freakin salad. Frankly, I'm getting tired of that.

Now I'm going to go for healthy choices and portion control. Today I ate half a sandwich and some fruit. I'll stick to sugar free coffee, and low carb dinners. The diet journey continues.

In other news, the NATO conference is here. A group of us went over to the center of the action today, and so far, it's very peaceful. Lots of groups, a lot of talking, music playing, singing. And this woman here. What you don't see is that she's facing the perimeter line of police, giving them this gentle reminder. That's what it's all about.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Baby's First Day of

Today my 8 year old walked home from school for the first time. Not alone, of course, but with his big brother. While in my heart I knew they'd be fine, I still felt like he wasn't ready for that kind of a trek. Of course, big brother stopped off to buy them snacks, which is awesome, and then they arrived home in one (well, two) pieces. This was not my idea, I would like that noted for the record. Hubs suggested it today, and the little one hesitantly agreed to it. I worried that the walk was too long for him, or that he'd run ahead of his brother and somehow get hurt, lost, hit by a semi, whatever. But when the time came that I knew they'd be close to home, I sent a quick text, found out they were close to home, and my heart returned to it's normal rhythm.

Diet Day 21 - Rated M for Language

It's Monday, that's weigh in day. This morning I pull out the scale and step on.... and..... no change. Wait. No change? How could there be no fucking change? I've not eaten so much as a motherfucking torilla in 3 weeks. I'm wearing clothes I couldn't even close a few months ago. My goddamn wedding rings are loose! What do you mean, no change, dammit? So I set about testing the scale. Put an 8lb weight on it. It says 7lbs. Then I stand on the scale and hold the weight. That's a 10 lb increase. Not only is my scale off, but it's math skills suck, too. Verdict? Fucking scale's broken. So I remain dutifully on the diet, since I can see and feel the weight loss. It would be nice to feel vindicated by stepping on the scale and seeing a decrease. But since my scale is an asshole, that's not seeming to be the case. So where do I go to get a good, accurate scale???