Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playing Favorites

Last week, Hubs accused me of blatantly favoring our older son. And at the time, I probably was. You see, some days he's just so much... easier. He wants to please. He wants to be The Good One. He's very agreeable. Helpful. Empathetic.
And the Belly, well... he's the Belly. Some days he's an absolute joy to be with. Other days he's argumentative, stubborn, selfish, willfully defiant.
(And all this time I'd thought he took after Hubs - I may be wrong here)

How do you balance that, especially when the kids are 5 years apart?

Had a really rough day today. Wanted nothing more than to watch a Korean horror movie with an extra large glass of red wine by my side. But my mom came knocking, she'd had a bad day and needed someone to unload on. And so I listened and commiserated. She finally left, but then I found out the dog peed a river on the floor, so instead of relaxing, I started floor cleaning. 15 minutes later I *finally* drop down on the couch, then Belly walks in and says, "I can't sleep. Please come and sit with me?"
I wanted to be mad and scold him, I did. But I couldn't. I took his tiny hand and led him back to bed, where I kissed his head and held him until he fell asleep.

Maybe in the end, this whole favoring thing all evens out.

Oh, and then there's Rob Pattinson....