Thursday, July 23, 2009

I *Heart* Incubus

On Tuesday night we went to see Incubus. It was a beautiful night for an outdoor show, and I was close enough to see the lovely contours of Brandon’s bitchin’ abs. Um, I mean, to thoroughly enjoy the music.
This pic was obviously taken right at the start. How can one tell? Mr. Boyd had not yet disrobed.
I’m battered and bruised from the crowd, but it was well worth it. At one point I thought one of my ribs had broken, and was surely splintering into my lung, and I’d probably suffocate right there. Ah, good times. No more General Admission for me! I’m too small for this crap. Getting smashed, crushed…. Oh wait, Staind and Chevelle are playing the Congress Theater next month…. Hmmm…..

This is totally not my picture, but it's from that night :) I had to add it!