Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, I Smashed the Car!

Yes, that's what I said to Hubs on Tuesday when I came home for lunch. Well, maybe "smash" is a bit strong. I scraped the car. On another car. In front of the kids' school. Yeah, could it be more embarrassing?? 15 years I've been driving and I've never done this before!
Allow me to state my case (because it's MY blog, damnit) There was a truck double parked, and a parking spot to the left of it. I *thought* I had enough space to get past the truck and pull into the spot. Not so, said the law of physics (or whichever one says something about two bodies not being able to occupy the same space)
So it was the parent of a kid in Belly's class... of course. Whose wife knows me. Of course. So the guy is super nice - and I was trying desperately to send ESP messages like, We're in front of a church, you can't get mad, come on, what would Jesus do?
Thankfully, the only thing that happened is his turn signal stopped working. Yeah well probably because I pulled the light housing away from the body of the car (details, details) but that it won't be hard to fix. Of course I said we'd pay for the housing or wiring or whatever it needs. How? Am going to sell a kidney, that's how. I only need one, right?
So, on Hubs birthday, HE spent an hour making ME feel better and telling me it's no big deal. My car has a tiny dent by the back door, but it seems pretty awful to me.

And let's not forget the embarrassment factor here. Yes, the new head of the annual fundraiser committee at the school (yes, moi) is spreading goodwill by smashing up cars in front. Ah, good times.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not Fit For This

Yesterday I went to take the ICTS (or some other acronym from hell) basic skills test. It's a 5 hour test. Five hours. What the hell is testing me for that long going to prove? That I can sit still? Well, I can't.
Thankfully, I was done in 3.5 hours, but STILL. There were so many reading selections, I found myself eager to get to the math portion. And I really dislike math. Then I found out that the math portion was NOTHING like the practice test. So there I am, my eyes crossing from this marathon testing session, and trying to find the flaw in a sample algebraic equation. It's a good thing I'm proficient in other areas, because I'm sue I blew that one.
But now the test is over, and out of the way. Only thing left to do now is, well, actually return to school.