Monday, March 22, 2010

Capital Punishment

Ok, so I explained Belly's sudden desire to draw on furniture. Well, Saturday morning I woke up to a raging sore throat and snow coming down. But I dragged my arse out of bed because I'd promised to take the kids to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and the book fair.
On the way out, we pass the refrigerator. My lovely stainless steel, side by side, first new appliance I ever purchased refrigerator.
And there is a now familiar jelly bean person scene on it.
I flipped. I told Isaiah he is on punishment, and that he's going to clean that off. Then he informs me that it's done in Sharpie. WTF. My reply? "Then you're going to FIND a way to clean it off."
He cried.
I fumed.
Hubs cleaned it off.