Thursday, December 10, 2009

False Advertising

Time Magazine's 10 questions last week were for Dave Grohl, rockstar extraordinaire. Daimean really likes the Foo Fighters, and fancies himself a future singer/drummer/guitarist. So I called him into the kitchen where I had been reading/making dinner so he could read the article. He came in, started reading.... and then, halfway through the article, he had this strange look on his face and he said, "Wait... wait... THIS is Dave Grohl?" Yes, honey, that's him. "The guy who sings Everlong??" Mmm hmm, one and the same.

"But... he's OLD!"

Ah yes, we old people kick ass, kiddo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Win

Isn't this supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year"? So why am I feeling like shit?
My first semester back at school is almost done. Just when I thought it had gone off without a hitch, I get an email from one of my teachers saying that he has no record of my taking one of the exams. WTF? Seriously? I said that I don't keep copies of papers or tests that have been graded and returned. He responded that the only option was for me to re-take it, and advised that in the future I should keep all of my papers until the end of the semester "to be covered in such an eventuality."
How about no? Hmm? Ya like that? NO.
So I argued it. Said it was unfair, and that the same could be said about professors keeping papers until the grades are recorded. Ultimately I agreed to take it again if I had to, but made it be known that I found it quite frustrating, especially when I'm preparing for finals.
Know what he did? Sent me an email saying he'll take me at my word, maybe he's made a mistake, and I don't have to re-take it.

I win.