Friday, March 13, 2009

On Being Thankful

Got the self pity out of the way last night. Had to. Wasn't looking at it the right way, a cognitive mistake, that's all. I'm better now, really. Thankful. Optimistic. I swear it.
Well, this helps, too.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

On Starting Over

I got the job today, the one where my friend will be my boss. Ironically, THAT isn't what I'm having problems with. We're adults, and professional adults at that - I'm sure we'll be fine. It's the starting over thing. Going from having my own office and lots of flexibility to sharing an office with 10 people and having zero seniority. From being the one who answered questions to being the one asking them. And the pay cut - did I mention the pay cut? Yeah, to the tune of $16K. Ouch. To be fair, since my severance ran out a week and a half ago, technically I make nothing now, so maybe I should look at is as a BIG increase. And I'm trying to, I really am. I'm sooo trying to stay positive. My friend warned me before I went in there, he said, "The place is a dump." Sure, coming from where I was before, everything else looks like a dump. He said he was worried that I'd be unhappy with the pay, and I assured him I'd be okay. They called me half an hour after I left the interview to offer me the position. They said they knew I was looking for more money than that, and said they're willing to re-negotiate in a few months. I should be happy - so why do I feel like crying?