Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

Tomorrow my little guy will turn six. My little Buddha baby. My terrible two with attitude. Now he's a big kindergartner. He's a sensitive, empathetic, amazing little kid. He's got such a big heart in such a little body. He freely tells people he loves them, he misses them, and also when they hurt him. But he forgives, in fact, we could all take a lesson from his capacity to forgive. He doesn't let anything hold him down, he's simply got too much to enjoy to be sidetracked by anything else. I've been changed by him in unexpected ways. I've gained patience and insight, and a reminder not to take myself too seriously :)

So now, I'll repeat the same thing I said to him when I first held him in my arms, and welcomed him home -

Happy birthday, little one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Orphan Manny

Phone rings, 1:26am.
He: Are 6 months old legal?
Me: Wha..?
He: Are 6 months old legal?
Me: That depends on where they're from, I guess.
He: No, are 6 months old legal? Do you want him?
Me: Are we talking about Safe Haven? Did someone leave a baby somewhere??
He: NO, I said a SIX MONTH OLD BEAGLE, do you want him?

And this is a picture taken in my kitchen at roughly 3:45am. Why no, I don't need sleep, why do you ask?
Meet Little Dog. I'm guessing we're not going to keep him. Lucky for him I have a great home for him to move into, with someone who has been waiting for the right dog to come along. Well, it just so happens I have an extra dog here.....