Friday, October 24, 2008

Nothing Works!!

So while the company is making final preparations for the corporate office move, I'm working from home today because the kids have the day off school. Last week our laptop crapped out and had to be reformatted. Now, normally I'm able to log onto the company's website to work off of their server. However, I can't get ActiveX to install correctly, so I can't access their site. Then I find that my husband didn't install MS Office and I can't find the disk for it, so I can't download and format our daily bank files. I call my voicemail, the system tells me my log on information is wrong. WTH?! It's obviously going to be one of those mornings!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saying Goodbye

My company's corporate office is moving, and today is my last day in the office I've been coming to for seven years. My beautiful lake view, my perch up on the 53rd floor. I can walk to the lake at lunch from here. Directly across from Millennium Park, and a short walk from State Street. We've moving inland, so no more lake views. We've moving to a 10th floor, so no more bird's eye views. Still State Street accessible, just a bit farther. The building describes one of it's amenities as "Restaurant on site" but it's only McDonald's. In the building we're leaving, we have Tavern at the Park, Quizno's, Panda Express, Rom, and Cafe Creations, not to mention the pedway that connects us to countless other buildings and their restaurants. Ah well. On the plus side, while I lose my view here, I get my own office there.

Oh, and Karma is still kicking me while I'm down. We had a prank caller last night, and I was sadly reminded of the untold hours that my friend and I spent tormenting strangers for absolutely no reason. *sigh* I'm probably going to be sorry for more than that as time goes on, aren't I? How about the time we threw paint out the window of the 4th floor of our school, just because it spattered so nicely? Did I mention it spattered into the parking lot? Oh yes, it looked like those cars were attacked by Jackson Pollock. So I'm sure there's more What-Goes-Around-Comes-Around fun coming my way.

Hidden Pain AKA Assault With A Deadly Canine

Yes, the deepest hurts are the ones you can't see. And what you can't see right now is the abrasion and lump on my forehead, because it's cleverly covered by my bangs.

But believe me, it's there. Now, I'll explain:
The dogs have separate food and water dishes, since Ilio is so big he has a raised set. So this morning I was leaned over pouring water into Eva's dish, when Ilio came up behind me and leaned his big body against my legs. This caused me to lose my balance and fall. On the way down, my head slammed into the counter. Yeah, it hurt. In fact, it hurt so much I started to cry. Then a wave of nausea hit me and I started to gag. Ilio was freaking out, whimpering and licking me. Eva continued eating her breakfast.
What a rotten way to start the day. It can only get better, right?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Note: What you may or may not see here is the faint rainbow that popped up, a very rare occurrence in downtown Chicago.