Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've been neglecting you, my dear blog. Here's some randomness to make up for it...

*Wendy's coke & frosty floats are my favorite new thing.
*I bought a great Nine West suit at Loehmann's for only $89. And a cute pair of summer platforms for $4.50.
*I'm a bargain whore.
*Belly keeps saying "tele-ke-NEAT-sis" instead of telekenesis.
*He used to say "fock-ee" instead of coffee.
*I gave my kids donuts and milk for breakfast today. It's my day off, I don't feel like playing short order cook.
*My dog is filthy.
*I've really got to do laundry today.
*Our dish receiver went out. Again.
*Lost everything on DVR.
*I freakin hate our dish provider.
*Someone asked how often I'm asked about my tattoos. The answer is, "Every day." CNN just did a report about how many offices are not tattoo friendly. My office is, but I also haven't had a raise in 3 years. It's a rotten trade off.
*Last week I took a math test and an Excel test.
*Scored higher on math.
*TOTALLY surprised me.
*We have new flooring in our family/multimedia room. I love it.
*My cousin's baby shower is next weekend. I wish I could be there.
*It's in Florida.
*Alien Ant Farm has a new album coming out in July.
*I'd just inquired about them a week ago.
*Same thing happened with 3 Doors Down. I asked about a new album and *bam!* There is it.
*My husband asked if I'd inquired about Nirvana....then said, Nevermind.
*Yes, it was a joke. He's a very funny guy, my husband.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Please check out Colleen's blog, buy something awesome, and help the Midwest flood victims. I found a FABULOUS necklace on there.

Yesterday on the way home Golden Boy and I witnessed a nasty exchange between a rude bus driver and a woman who didn't speak English. It made me ashamed of my fellow humans. 3 Spanish speaking people quickly intervened and cleared up the issue (the woman had been short $0.20 on her fare, and the driver threatened to throw her or one of her kids off the bus!) but the damage was done.

Which reminds me... back in the day, like, when London Fog jackets were all the rage, my dad had a jacket that had a tiny tag that said R.S.V.P and when I asked him what it meant, he said, "Respect Spanish Verbal People" !

Monday, June 16, 2008

Indentured Servant

Today Golden Boy is here at my office. He's got his own cubicle behind mine, and a portable dvd player. Right now he's watching Drop Dead Fred. Having him here makes my day incredibly fun. We went to lunch together and ate in the grass (something most adult co-workers are not inclined to do!) I introduced him to the big boss today as my indentured servant. Which is funny, since he doesn't yet know what that means :)

Yesterday we went to breakfast and the movies to celebrate Father's Day. When we were almost done with breakfast, an older gentleman came over to our table. He said he and his wife had been watching us, and he just wanted to compliment our well behaved children. Wha...?! I mean, Thank you! That was nice :)

Then DH allowed Belly to pick up a skateboard at his favorite store (Target) I didn't really want to spend $35 on the board/helmet/pads, but I gave in. When we got home he got all his protective gear on and he went at it. OH MY! He's such an adorable little skater boy! No fear, that one. He learned to pop the board up with one foot, jump on with the other, then start gliding back and forth. I think the other kids were jealous - including his older brother. Maybe some time this week I can snap a pic of him in all his skater tot glory.