Friday, December 26, 2008


Belly came into the dining room to ask me what "scarifice" means. I answered, and then listened as he returned to the living room where his brother was minding his own business. Belly picked up his light saber and started hitting his brother lightly and repeating, "Sac-ri-fice... sac-ri-fice..."
Daimean explained that to sacrifice him, it would mean he'd be gone. And do you know what that little sociopath said?! "That's okay. I got Momma and Daddy."
Yes, he's on time out. Yes, I'm a bit worried about the little wonk.
Belly decided to sit down and write a letter to his brother. He showed it to me and told me it says, "D, I'm sorry I hit you a lot. I want to play and love you." It showed two smiling boys at the top, which he explained are he and his brother after he apologizes. Then he took it to Daimean and gave him a hug while telling him he's the best brother ever.
Much better :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Christmas

This Christmas, you'll likely be opening gifts, visiting family, and making with the merry.
Yesterday, a newborn girl was left outside in the cold. This Christmas, she'll be in the hospital.
This Christmas, you'll hug your children, your spouse, or your mom and be thankful that you have a family.
Today, that baby girl is recovering from her time outside. This Christmas, she'll have no family to celebrate her arrival. Only nurses, doctors and DCFS case workers.

Every state in the US has a Safe Haven Law to help stop unsafe infant abandonments. In weather like Chicago's, they can quickly become deadly abandonments. Please, take a moment to contact your local newspaper, grocery store or community representative and ask them to post information about Safe Haven today. I guaranty you, there is another woman out there who is pregnant and doesn't know what to do. Help get her the information she needs to make a responsible choice, because this Christmas, every child deserves to be safe.

For more information about the Safe Haven Law in your area, please visit