Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Bird

Ha, as I was writing the title, I was reminded of my mother in law worrying over my son's fresh circumcision and asking after his "pajarito" - little bird. Why, is that a common name for it in Spanish speaking households? I just don't know.

Anyway, as I walked to my office entrance this morning, I saw a tiny little bird sitting in front of the revolving doors. I'm well aware of how often birds fly into our big glass buildings and are stunned or hurt. So, figuring that even though I was already 5 minutes late, this little guy needed my help, I reached down and checked on him. He freaked out and flew into the door!!! He skittered around for a minute and then landed back at my feet. The second time, he let me pick him up and move him off to the side, where he could safely recover from his unfortunate run in with the building. Which he did. Recover, I mean.

Prior to that I had the joy of talking with both of Isaiah's teachers when I dropped him off. The prevailing opinion now is that he's working hard and everything is much better. I told the one we call Granola that he has been unhappy in her class and I want to know why. While she didn't answer directly - and she never does - she did say that he seems happier and that she again thanks me for working together with them to make sure everything is good. So hopefully we won't have to resort to calling the principal. Tomorrow is his birthday, and he's super excited. I'll be working from home, so we'll have a great day together :)


Midwest Mommy said...

I didn't realize how experienced this teacher is, shame on her is all I can say.
I really hope things get better for him. You have to love kids to be a teacher and understand that

Chris said...

Sometimes I feel like that little bird who keeps flying into the glass door.
I am glad to hear Isaiah is happier in school now. I hope it keeps up. It's hard enough being a kid.

Dawn said...

So the penis/bird thing threw me so off guard I could barely read the rest of the post!