Friday, December 14, 2007

Grammar School Musical

Last night was the Christmas concert at school. Since we couldn't find Belly's tiny mafioso outfit, we stopped and got him a shirt, tie and sweater vest. He eagerly put on the shirt and tie, but started crying as soon as I pulled the sweater vest over his head. Why? Because he wanted a standard tuxedo vest instead, of course. I begged, pleaded, bargained, threatened him to get him to keep that vest on. Just as we got to the school I relented and told him he could take it off. Luckily as soon as he walked in and saw all of his friends, he ran to join them and forgot all about the offending garment.

Golden Boy chose a blue shirt and a blue striped tie, only to find that everyone else was wearing a WHITE shirt and BLACK tie. Never let it be said that he blends in with the crowd!

Belly was stationed at the far end of his class, so his teacher could easily pluck him from the podium when he decided to climb up there. The place was packed, the kids all looked great. The music teacher sang Ave Maria so beautifully that it was quite literally breathtaking. There's a girl in the choir that had a solo part and received a standing ovation. She has an amazingly strong voice for such a small body!

Here's the kids after the concert. Of course, I could have put up a pic of them smiling nicely into the camera, but this more closely conveys their usual demeanor toward one another.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Typical Mom Response

Yesterday I got home from a long day of work and shopping in 4 inch heels (so you know I was tired) when I saw my darling son sitting on the couch with his gym shoes. First of all, that's a no no. Upon closer inspection -which for a mom means a 3 second once over- I see writing on his gym shoes. His brand spanking new, expensive, just-got-them-the-same-day Nike basketball shoes.

As any mom would attest, I gave the Typical Mom Response, which went like this...


My unflappable Golden Boy said, "But Momma, Lance Briggs signed my shoes."

Yep, I'd forgotten that Lance Briggs and Brendon Ayanbadejo were at the school to participate in the What Moves U program to get kids excited about physical fitness. How cool is that? And what's even better is that one kid from each of the upper grade classes got to meet them afterwards, ask questions and get autographs. Well, yeah, my Golden Boy was the kid representing his class! We even got to see them again on the news this morning :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life Changing Find

Finally I've admitted to myself (and apparently now, everyone else) that I'm no longer in possession of an 18 year old body, and that kids + gravity have moved and shifted some stuff around. Stuff I'd have preferred to remain where they were 10 years ago! Add a few pounds and viola! You have a typical woman who doesn't like the way she looks and complains often about clothes not fitting right, and those last 5 -okay, 10 - pounds that won't go away.
Enter Spanx.
Holy mother of.... how have I resisted them for so long?! They are so worth the hype.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Random Sludge

1) Yesterday we put the hard top on Big Bertha. Not sure why that makes me happy. The soft top makes me think I'm going camping or something. This is what BB looks like, this isn't her, but one of her clones. Yes, I practically need a ladder to hoist myself up into this thing.

2) I've decided to dye my hair, but can't choose between red, light brown, or violet highlights. Decisions, decisions.

3) Forgot to pack Belly's lunch today. When I took him in, I explained to the woman at the door and asked if he could get the school's hot lunch today, and I'll send in the $3 tomorrow. She grimaced and said only if they had any extras. WHAT?! I just called the school and was transferred to the same woman. I explained again and she said, "Don't worry, I feed him! It's okay! We have extras. Don't forget next time" and told me to have a good day before hanging up on me. Why did this make me laugh? I'm not sure. She wasn't being mean, I'm sure she just doesn't understand how neurotic I am. Is it neurotic to want to make sure you kid is gonna eat lunch though?

4) Ever have those days when all your clothes feel too tight? This morning when I got dressed I seriously considered going out to buy Spanx at lunch.

5) Maybe it's time to go flex my Bloomie's card to get some new clothes.

6) Bad movies I've seen lately: The Reaping, Hannibal Rising, and Rocky Balboa.

7) Good books I've read lately: The Arsonist's Guide to Writer's Homes in New England, The Abortionist's Daughter, and I, Elizabeth.