Friday, September 18, 2009

Beauty School Drop Out

Isaiah went to a pediatric optometrist yesterday, who said he actually doesn’t need glasses. The other doctor had only used a machine to check his eyes, you know, the farmhouse that goes out of focus? He didn’t have a full exam. The dr. said that little kids try so hard to focus on that, it tends to give false readings. He sees just fine! (for now, at least)
SO, the doctor offers him stickers at the end. Huge eyeball stickers that glow in the dark. Awesome, right?
Then he (being Isaiah) takes one off the backing and puts it over his own eye. It’s so big that it covers from his forehead to his cheek. As I’m standing there talking to the dr. he starts to pull it off. And it’s stuck to his eyebrow. Ouch! He’s tugging away on it, and the dr. says, “Be careful, you’re about to do a wax job!”
He gets the sticker off, along with half of his eyebrow. Yes, the dr and I laughed, a lot.
We go up front where Hubs is waiting, and Isaiah walks up to him and puts the sticker on his other eye and says, “Daddy! I’m gonna do a WAX JOB!”
My husband looks at me accusingly, like I’ve just put his son in a dress. Hey, who am I to stifle his tiny wax dreams? I said Don’t worry, if he takes too much off, I’ll just pencil in a nice arch for him :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My baby needs glasses  It’s not a surprise, of course, because both Hubs and I need vision correction. My big guy’s been wearing them since he was 6 or 7. I feel so bad! I didn’t need glasses until I was about 17. And Belly is so much more athletic than his brother. Daimean’s more like me…. Meaning he’s cerebral. Not athletically inclined. Isaiah’s more like their dad – he’s all BOY. How many pairs of glasses is he going to lose or break??? And poor D, the doctor has said we may want to consider letting him get contacts earlier than we might have bc his vision is pretty dang bad. But he likes the way his glasses look, so he’s not unhappy (thank goodness)

Will post pics when the Belly gets his new specs.

Panic! at the School

The school called, it was Mrs. Conway, who is a general office assistant that has probably been working there since the school opened in 1907.
She says, “I’m just calling to check on Isaiah.”
Me: “Okay, what do you need?”
Mrs. Conway: “Is he ill? I have a note here that he’s absent.”
Me: “No, I dropped Isaiah off this morning at school. He’s THERE.”
Me: “He IS there, right? Why don’t you go and check?!”

She calls back a minute later and says that he is indeed there, he’d been marked TARDY, not ABSENT.

And that took 10 years off my life.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Is it Friday Yet?

No? Seriously? MONDAY?! It's only MONDAY?!


Sooo...... I'm in school, and I'm enjoying it. This homework thing, that's going to be a problem. When do I have time to study and write papers?!?! I DON'T! I'm going to have to get super disciplined (and anyone who knows me knows that's a task and a half) to set aside time for all that needs to be done.
Took the kids to the local skate park yesterday. There may as well be a sign that says "No Moms Allowed" because it was like testosterone village. Of course they loved it. Daddy helped Isaiah with his skateboard, and Daimean rode around with a few friends. It's such a great place for kids to go and just be kids.

Went to the doctor, and when I got on the scale she said, "You're growing... just like the boys!" Then she dropped the smile and said, "And you're not supposed to be." Awwww :( Okay, I get it. Lose some weight. Or get 5 inches taller. So I'm on a diet. This kinda sucks. I want things bc I know I shouldn't have them. Then I get mad for depriving myself. Then I get mad for being weak. Right now, I am totally staying away from my trigger foods. The ones I can't just "have a little" of, it turns into me eating 4 lbs of butter cookies, cake, potato chips. So I'm eating fruits and veggies, which I love, BUT I look longingly at pizza, and burgers :( I also look longingly at size 6 clothes though!