Friday, February 29, 2008

Daffy Duck

Things I would do if I had more time & money:

Sleep more.

Hire a maid. Full time. And a dog walker.

Take my kids to interesting places. Rome. Cairo. Chuck E Cheese.

Visit Alaska to help with their new Safe Haven Law.

Watch movies Make movies.

Go to Hawaii with my husband.

Take up gardening.

Redecorate my entire house, one room at a time. Then start over.

Go scuba diving.

Volunteer at the zoo. Always wanted to work with animals.

Volunteer at the school. See above.

Go back to school. I'd study psychology, neurology, history, and French.

Ah, to be comfortably well off, as Daffy Duck always said.

Stuff That Made Me Smile

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Day

Today is:
The last day of my 20's - tomorrow, I'll turn 30. I'm just so grown up now!
The last day I'm going to forget that wearing white socks under my snow boots will be disastrous when I get to work and have to slip into dress shoes.
The last day I'm going to worry about my weight. At the beginning of the year I hoped to lose ten pounds before my birthday by eating better and exercising. No fad diets this time. It's worked, so now I'm going to stop obsessing and try to keep eating healthier.
The last day I'm going to worry that staying up too late with my husband will make me too tired in the morning. We were up until after 1am last night, and actually getting to spend some time alone (once the kids are sleeping, it's not as if we threw them out or anything) was worth more than sleep.