Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why I Hate Math vol. 27

Mathmeticians, ADMIT IT - there is zero practical use for my being able to simplify
-7(n+3) - 8(1+8n)

Simplify, not even SOLVE. That's grunt work if I ever saw it. Here are some random numbers and letters, purposely laid out in a complex way, just for you to make them easier to read. No, no, you're not supposed to actually answer the problem, just re-write. Oh for fuck's sake.

It may be hard to believe, but I am a functioning adult with a real job. My career experience has ranged from finance, risk management, and into SQL and software support. Not once have I ever needed to know why -2 = 2 + v/4.

As I'm struggling through Math Basics 101* a big part of my problem is the underlying frustration of knowing I won't ever apply any of this outside of my required math course work. What's worse, I learn a new rule or process, and my brain immediately overwrites that data with the next one. No, I don't have ADD, I promise. But I don't know how to retain this information in any meaningful way in order to retake the math placement test and score somewhere over "clinically brain dead"

Time is draining away, and I've got to make a move soon. My fear is being forced to take - and ipso facto, pay for - pre-credit math classes. I'm too old for this shit.

*Actually, the placement test put me in Math 070, also tagged under "Academically Disadvantaged", so no, it's not even Math 101.