Friday, September 26, 2008

Not Again!!!

GB has another crazy red, pus filled blob on his knee!!! How could this be??? It started as a little red spot. I told him I thought it was an ingrown hair (he'd die if he knew I was sharing this) and day by day it's just getting worse :( Of course it comes to a head (proverbial and literal) today, so that it'll be 2 days before we can get him in to see the doctor. We've been scrubbing, cleaning and peroxide-ing it, then using Neosporin.... and still, it's looking bad. WHY!?!?! I feel sooo bad for him, I know it hurts and he does NOT want me doing all this to torture help him :(
Gonna go slap a warm washcloth on it now. And hope for the best.
(That's what my trusty said to do. And they haven't lied to me before)

Oh, Hai!

With the handy dandy follow blog features now on Blogger, I'm spending far more time reading blogs than writing my own. Sorry to have neglected to share the dysfunction this week!

Belly told me his leg hurt, and showed me a spot on it.
He said, "Momma, I have a broo on my leg."
Me: Huh?
Belly: "A BROO, Momma. Look."
Me: Oh, and BRUISE. You have a bruise on your leg, right?
Belly: "No, momma. I just have one broo."
Apparently he believes bruise is the plural of "broo"

Golden Boy's class submitted weather pictures to Channel 7 News, and selected pictures were featured this week on air... including GB's this morning!! How cool is that?!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Headache Hell

For the past 24 hours, I've been struggling to function while feeling like my skull is being ruptured, and in so much pain I'm nauseous. At the store with the kids earlier, Belly started to cry over some ridiculously overpriced toy, and in between the harsh lights and his loud crying, I actially reached up and covered my head with one arm and my face with my other hand. I must have looked insane. I handed Belly the stupid Bakugan toy and with a grimace stuck on my face, told the kids we had to check out and get home. Sometimes just standing up or sitting down will make my head pound so much I can't see.
SO I go to my trusty friend,, and find that the symptoms and timing indicate menstrual migraines.
Which is the same conclusion I came to a few months ago when one hit me with so much force that I didn't think I was going to be able to drive home. Yet, once it was over, I forgot all about it, and was surprised all over again when WebMd spat out the verdict.
If I believed in Karma, I'm sure I'd have to have killed a busload of saints and burned down a day care center to be in this kind of pain. Is there a special place reserved in hell, called the migraine room? Forget waterboarding, if you really want to torture someone, re-create a migraine and then make them go to work and take care of children while they hurt so much they can't even cry, for fear it will only make the pain worse.
Oh, sorry, and I being a whiny baby again??

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Piece of @&*%! A Rant on Thermometers

EVERY digital thermometer we've had (and there have been many) switches to Celsius at some point, aggravating me to no end, because I never remember the conversions. Sure, I can look them up, but at 1am when my son feels like a little furnace and I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or he truly could fry bacon on his tummy, I need to know the facts.
We tried the standard under the tongue/armpit ones, but never got any accuracy bc Belly won't sit still long enough for it. We tried the little forehead strips, but may as well have been reading tea leaves for the amount of accuracy there. So the last time there was a nasty sickness running amok in our house, we got a digital thermometer that is supposed to quickly and accurately read the temp from the temple of your little sickie. No fuss, could use it when he was sleeping, sounded great.

Last night his fever spiked to (at least by the thermo's readings) 103.4 and I just about had a heart attack. Never mind that I'm a veteran mom - I always feel helpless and clueless when my kids get sick. So Hubs and I debated it and took the temp over and over. It varied by a degree or so, but still, that's pretty high. Tylenol took it down, thankfully, and he slept well afterwards.

Fast forward to this morning, and all of a sudden this piece of crapola is reading in Celsius. Oh come on! I looked up a conversion chart, and it says that F 99.5 to F 101 are all going to read C 38. How's THAT for accuracy!? So, he could have a mild fever, or he could be on the verge of febrile seizures.... good old Celsius just won't tell me. So I'm going to spend the day hovering over him and using the best gauge of temperature I know....

Mom's hands.