Friday, January 30, 2009

Watch Out Now!

I'm on a roooolllll.....
Last night the boys helped with making dinner and dessert, I got some laundry done, worked on my book. This morning Northeastern called me and gave me tips on starting the financial aid/enrollment process. Oh, and after that I asked my husband if he minded going into debt up to his eyeballs for me to finish school. He's absolutely thrilled. He was never too excited about the prospect of his five foot nothin' wife running around the city with a gun and bullet proof vest. Why do police wear bullet proof vests? Because people shoot at them. Anyway, he's very happy about this decision. SO today I looked up some schools that have BA programs in secondary education (6th-12th grade) and I'll probably go for a history/social studies major.
Got a call about a potential job, which would be in the same industry I was in, and would afford me a lot of flexibility. Taking some time to sort through it all right now, because I'm working on very little sleep and many big changes.

Yesterday I asked the kids what they thought of me going back to school and eventually becoming a teacher. They think it's awesome, and that was what clinched it for me. To be able to do something that a) helps others and performs a service and b) my kids can be proud of, is a good thing, right?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jerry Springer

Okay, so this is some family stuff, but I didn't sleep with anyone's husband or my own cousin, and I'm certain that my husband IS the father of the pokies that carry his last name (and blood type, both of them.)
Below is my half sister, Jennifer. She may or may not have the last name of Welch, and she may live in or near Grass Valley, CA. These pictures are pretty old, so she's probably not still rockin' the collared shirt and vest, but if she looks familiar, let me know. We lost touch after our dad died in 1995, and I'd like to find out where/how she is. And I don't think any of you smart asses knew my dad, otherwise you'd surely say, "Yeah, she looks familiar. She looks like Papo!"
His name was actually Isaias, but for some reason, I've never known a Puerto Rican male who actually goes by his given name.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For Me? You Shouldn't Have. Really.

Isaiah was sitting on my lap in the car (don't worry, it wasn't moving) and I noticed he had blood in his nose. I asked him if he'd had a nose bleed at school, he said no. A few minutes later I see a drop of blood on his pants, so I ask, Are you sure your nose didn't bleed today? He says he's sure it didn't. Ask him if he had blood come from anywhere else, he says no. Told him there's blood on his pants and nose, and asked ONE MORE TIME if his nose bled, and he cocked his cute little head to the side and said, "Yes. It did." as if it was the first time I asked.
Then he carefully reaches into a pocket in his little cargo pants and pulls out a big, red rock booger and holds it up for me to see. I ask him if he pulled that out, and that's what caused his nose to bleed? He says no, it came out AFTER the bleeding. Oh, okay. But why did you save it? "To show you, Momma."
Wait, that's not the best part!
The best part is that after showing me, he carefully placed it BACK IN HIS POCKET!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom

That's right. I refuse to classify myself as unemployed any longer. I'm simply a stay at home mom for the time being. I decided that today when I was filling out a form for my optometrist appointment tomorrow, where it asks my profession. S.A.H.M. Beeyotch!
As I was saying.... I've been home for 2 full weeks now, and I feel every bit as busy as I was when I was working. How can that BE? Well, it just goes to show that when you do too many things at once, you can't possibly do them well. Here's to hoping I'm doing this stuff well - finally.
Today I finished typing up the meeting minutes from my last SAB meeting, found out I got the wrong ink for my snazzy new printer so I had to go BACK to Circuit City and listen to Hubs complain that he neeeeeeds a new tv. Got some more of the SAB contest stuff done. Picked up the pokies from school. (They're all elbows and knees, hence "pokey") Started a budget and plan for decorations for the upcoming school fundraiser - which I present tomorrow. RSVP'd to the kindergarten pizza party on Wed, for kids who are finally aging out of pre-k. And cleaned up mountains of dog puke. Seriously, the dog has vomited no less than his own body weight in the last hour. Am I supposed to drop alka-seltzer in his water dish? And could he at least stop puking on the stairs?! That's just disgusting to clean up. It rolls downstairs, just like a slinky, only more... fluid... and chunky.... just ew.
Professional moms, unite!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Days and Nyquil

I'm sick. Like, really, really sick.
Prior to getting sick, Hubs and I started tiling the shower. Now I've got mad tile skills. (Sounds like mad cow disease though, doesn't it?) But now I can't do anything except lie around feeling sick. My head hurts so I can't even read. I watched tv one night and found out that back in 2005, Freddie Prinze Jr had a show set on Chicago called (aptly) Freddie. So I started recording it and I've seen 5 or 6episodes. It's a cheesy show, but I love it. I'm sorry it came and went before I ever knew about it.

I'm going back to feeling sick now. Be back when the plague has gone.