Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Follow Up to THAT Parent

So Hubs decided to back off after meeting with the teacher, even though he wasn't thrilled by her response. All she would ask is, "How can we make Isaiah happy?" His fear is that since their pre-k classes are at capacity, if we ask for a transfer they may not have ROOM to transfer him, then that will cause problems all by itself. So fine. I agreed to wait on that.
This morning though, the director of childhood development stopped me and we chatted for a few minutes. I told her of my concerns, and as I was saying that Hubs had met with the teacher, Mrs. Teacher walked out and saw/heard me. You'd think she'd come over and say, "Hey I'm glad we're working on this together" or "We're GOING to work on this"??? Nope, she just turned the corner and kept going. Well, at least she knows I've got my eye on her. She's probably paranoid now!

Friday will be Isaiah's 5th birthday. It's just amazing to me how fast it all goes by.


Dawn said...

Keep us posted.

Midwest Mommy said...

I bet she is just scared right now.
First year teachers have to learn as they go and I am sure she has learned a lesson from this and is scared to death of you. I remember days like that when I first started teaching. It is good that you are involved. I hope it gets better.

Chris said...

She should know you are watching her. I hope it gets better for him. Life is hard enough on a kid.