Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sixty three is the number of infants that have been successfully placed in safe, loving adoptive homes though Illinois' Safe Haven program.

Sixty three families that have opened their hearts and homes to children whose parents wanted the best for them, but couldn't provide it themselves.

Sixty three birth mothers that trusted in the law, and trusted their babies to the arms of adoptive families.

Safe Haven in Illinois has made these sixty three adoptions possible, but it only works if people know about it. The Safe Haven Law allows for an unharmed infant up to 30 days old to be left with personnel at any police station, fire station or hospital. The baby is given a medical exam and the adoption agencies spring into action to place them with their forever families. The parent is given information on caring for yourself after birth, the Safe Haven law, and the Illinois adoption registry. They can provide as much - or as little - information as they want, and mail it in later. The goal of Safe Haven is to have no children abandoned, and no parents being prosecuted. No shame, no blame, no names.

Safe Haven worked for these sixty three babies, but sadly, there have been 62 babies abandoned in Illinois since 2001, and half of those did not survive. Please, take a moment to tell someone about Safe Haven today.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Passive Aggressive

Some days, I find that I take my frustrations out on the wrong people. And when I do, I apologize. Hey, I'm only human. And when I say, "take out my frustrations", I don't mean I'm snarky or abusive. Just less pleasant than my usual sunny demeanor.

But I am not passive aggressive. I'm just.... misplaced aggressive.
When I want something, I will ask. When I don't like something, I will let you know. When I say "yes", it means yes. When I say "no", I mean no. I'm pretty obvious like that. Not only do I not play silly mind games or participate in ridiculous pissing contests, I don't appreciate it when others do.

Really, dear Hubs, when I said I thought it was awesome that you got baseball tickets for free, and that you should go and enjoy it, and thank you, but I just don't have the energy to join you.... I meant it. Plain and simple. No hidden agenda.