Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello Brandon!

WooHoo! I'm going to see Incubus on 7/21 at Northerly Island!!! Hubs found out about the show before I did and he got us a pair of GA tickets :) For those of you who aren't painfully aware already, I'm a rabid Incubus fan.

I'm blogging from work right now. As in, it's the 4th of July, and I'm. At. Work. Blech. BUT my working this weekend allows me to take time off later in the month - like the day of and after the Incubus show. So I keep telling myself that it all evens out in the end.

Yesterday I took the kiddies to a bbq at a friends' house. Initially I said I wasn't going to go bc I had too much to do. But my friend talked me into it, and the kids (+1 overnight guest) had been cooped up in the house all day, so off we went. The kids had control over the ipod, so we rocked out to classic Michael Jackson all the way there - and back. The grown ups played volleyball, which was insanely fun. The kids then played badminton, which was hilarious. I'm glad I went :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can ipods Swim?

This morning I rolled over and picked up my phone to see what time it was, like I do every morning. The screen was black, but the other lights were on. I stared at it in a half-sleep stupor for a moment before realizing this probably had something to do with the puddle it was sitting in. Yeah. That must be it.
My demented and defective cat knocks over ANY glass, cup or bowl containing liquid if it’s left out. There was a small cup of water on my side table, next to my phone, when I went to sleep. *sigh*
Then Daimean’s looking all over for his ipod. He couldn’t remember if his dad had given it back after adding music to it yesterday, and he was eager to get his morning groove on. I go to the dryer to get his swim stuff out, and find his ipod in the pocket of his swim trunks. Great. It turns on, but will only play when it’s on the radio/dock bc none of the controls work. Poor kid, I think he went in the other room and cried for a minute. He’s heartbroken. He loooves that ipod. But in standard Daimean style, he calmly told me he should have been more careful, and would wait to talk to his dad to see what (if anything) can be done for it.
Ah yes, another catastrophic water day.
At the last minute, I remember that I need to water the fragile grass that we’re barely starting to grow in our pathetic front yard. The dog is upset to see me go out without him, so he jumps up to the kitchen window trying to track my movement outside. Apparently when he got down, his big, bear sized paw hit the edge of the cat box. When I got in, it was flipped over, and cat litter was launched all over.
Not a good day.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Kiddie Pool AKA Flood of Biblical Proportions

In an effort to beat the heat this weekend, we picked up a kiddie pool. A large one. 12’ wide and about 2.5’ deep. We took down the swing set, and put up the pool. Even took the slide from the swing set and set it up as a water slide. Kids LOVE it.
Yesterday Hubs and I agree that it should be filled a little higher. So Hubs turns on the water. And leaves it on. When I ask him about it later, he casually says that it’s still on, and sure, I can shut it off when I go outside. I go straight outside, shut it off, and am walking toward it to remove the hose when one side was overtaken by water. Just a little trickle, which suddenly pulled down the whole side. Water GUSHED out of the pool and flooded the back yard.
It was hilarious, but the dogs thought the world was coming to an end. Isaiah said, “It’s a good thing I put on my flip flops when I came out!”
The water stopped when the pool decided it was back at the right level, so it wasn’t a total loss :)