Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Karma's Still Bein' a Bitch

Yesterday I allowed myself to sit back and say, "Today is a good day." Little did I know that karma still wasn't done settling her stankin ass score with me. Okay, so once when I was in high school, a friend and I locked the door at Dunkin Donuts and an old guy got stuck because he didn't have a free hand to unlock it. We sat back and laughed, even though it was terrible. I like to think I'm a better person now, alright?

So how's karma get me? The car wouldn't start yesterday afternoon when I needed to pick up my kiddies. After a massive panic and then my whines of, "Why? Why me?" I gave up and took the bus home. Hubs couldn't decide between trying to figure out what's wrong or just having it towed in. So still it sits in the same place. Tried jumping it, didn't work. I'm told there's no power in the battery, but still skeptical about why it would happen like that in a car that's not even 2 years old. *sigh*

But on the bright side, the one thing that made my day completely was that Belly got a sticker for good behavior, and a letter home from his teacher stating he had a "much better" day :)


Chris said...

Sorry to hear you pissed Karma off. I'm not sure what I did but she is pretty pissed at me too. I found out yesterday that my DH's truck is going to cost us over $2700 to fix. I am not sure how Karma expects me to pull that out of my broke ass!! I only have until Tuesday to come up with it. I know Karma is laughing her ass off at me right now. Hope you have a better day today.

Dawn said...

Yay for bright sides.

And is the car moved now?

Dawn said...
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