Friday, April 11, 2008

Shoes... Now Available in Cherry!

Check out my new shoes. Only $20 at Nordstrom Rack! And yes, my desk always looks like this...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wordless Thursday

Day late and a dollar short, I tell ya. Hope no parents lynch me for posting this, but it was too cute, I just had to.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Put Your Hand Right There

*On Friday, when Golden Boy got his birthday cell phone, he whipped it out and called me right after school. It made me smile that he called me to tell me about his day, instead of waiting for my customary call home at 4pm. He's been asking me questions lately about dating, liking girls, and the ability to balance being a good student with being "cool". Golden Boy and I have always been very close, and I'm glad he feels like he can ask me questions like that.

*Sunday, I went out shopping with my mother and the Belly, in her car. She ended up buying bicycles for both the kids, so the car was packed pretty tight. I was squished in the back next to Belly, he was (of course) in his car seat. About half way home he starts to fidget and bounce – uh-oh, he’s gotta get to a bathroom. So I’m trying to distract him, telling jokes, asking questions, but he starts to cross his legs. The poor little guy really has to go, but he refuses to go anywhere but at home on this particular day. Then he takes his hands and shoves them between his legs in an effort to hold it all in. I told him to stop holding himself, and to think about something else. He responds, “I’m not HOLDING it, I’m just touching my penis cause I hafta go to the baffroom!” Still, I tell him, just let it be and let’s talk about something else until we get home. At this point, he grabs MY hand and shoves it between his legs. “No, Belly! Don’t do that! It’s your body and you’re just going to have to hang on for a few more minutes.” Now my mom wants to know what’s going on because I’m laughing and Belly’s yelling about touching his penis. As I try to explain, the little guy grabs my hand again and goes toward pee central, and I tell him to stop it.

He replies, “But I love you! Keep your hand there! Noo! Just put your hand there! I love you! Just help me hold it!”

Could I have used that as a teaching moment about private parts being private, and not for other people to touch, hold or help hold, as the case may be? Yes, I could have. But I was too busy laughing. I can just see his first date ending in disaster if he sticks with those lines. “But I love you, baby, just put your hand there….”

*Today is Illinois’ 6th Annual Save Abandoned Babies Day – so tell someone about the Safe Haven Law today!