Friday, February 1, 2008


Went into Borders to pick up a few books. Got the second installment of Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Golden Boy. I read the first book, it was very funny and age appropriate. Picked up Michael Crichton's Next for DH. Then I went to grab one for myself, and I knew exactly what I wanted. Christopher Moore's "Lamb - The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal"

His other books, You Suck! and A Dirty Job are laugh out loud funny. If you haven't read them, you should. Anyway, it was between Lamb, Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation or a re-read of Bertrand Russel's Why I'm Not a Christian. Since I've read plenty of serious texts lately (I'm in the midst of a self imposed break from chick lit) I figured I'd go for something that would make me laugh. So, on with the story. All I could find is the collector's edition, and I didn't want to pay $20 for a $13 book. When I got to the counter, I asked the stoner guy behind the counter to check if they have the regular, cheaper edition in stock since it's just for me, and not a gift. He wanders around for about five minutes before figuring out that the regular editions are in the stock room. Eventually he comes out with it. He rings up my purchases and stands there holding my books, he asks, "Do you want me to gift wrap these for you?" I said no thank you, just drop 'em in a bag and I'll be on my way. He continues to stand there, not bagging my books, and says, "I could gift wrap them, cause, you know, even if they're for you, you could still, you know, pretend....."

What the fuck?

Weather update: 28 degrees and a foot and a half of snow. Thank fucking goodness for 4 wheel drive. Cars were slipping and sliding all over the place this morning, and for some reason I will never understand, some idiots were actually trying to ride bicycles in this crap. Listen, it's the middle of winter, get on the damn bus. Stop fucking up traffic while you struggle through the snow in the middle of the street. When the bicycle lanes are covered in SNOW, that's a good sign that it's no time to be riding one.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


EEEK~! Both kids went to the dentist yesterday. Belly has two cavities and now needs baby root canals, and GB is going to have an ortho consult because he's going to get braces as soon as he looses the rest of his deciduous teeth. Yes, I said deciduous instead of "baby teeth", live with it.

When I was in school, most kids were embarrassed to have braces. The rest of our families couldn't afford it, but at the time we wouldn't have wanted them anyway. Now, kids show off their braces. They get the rubber bands color coordinated with their ipods. I've even heard of kids getting fake braces. WTF? Anyway, I'm glad the stigma is gone, because poor Golden Boy is going to be getting braces in the not too distant future.

I know of at least one person who had a really bad experience with her little one freaking out at the dentist. The thought terrifies me. I can't imagine having to hold the Belly down, or listen to him cry.

Thank god I'm not the one taking him! The pediatric dentists don't have evening or weekend hours, so DH gets to take Belly on his day off during the week. He looks at me as if he doesn't believe me, when I tell him of his mission and how it can ONLY be done on his day off. He says, "Mm-hm, how convenient" and I think, Why yes, it is :)

I'll give you a little weather update for today. It's a balmy 12 degrees and snowing sideways.

Last thing, I swear. Yesterday I saw this pic of David Beckham and I couldn't breathe for a moment.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 28, 2008

Life's Great Mysteries

Yesterday I painted both my finger nails and my toe nails. By tomorrow, my manicure will be chipped and horrid looking, while my pedicure will last at least 2 weeks.

Belly cries some mornings when he gets to school, because he doesn't want to stay there. But if I take him in the evenings for a parent meeting, or on the weekend for the science fair, he cries because he doesn't want to leave.

I got this great idea to write a book, wrote the first half at light speed, and now it just hanging out in my subconscious. It's a funny story and I'm enjoying reading it, I think I'm just waiting for someone else to finish writing it. Strange, especially since I'm the only one who knows how it ends.

Waterproof mascara smudges when I yawn, but I can't get it off at night without a chemical solvent and a chisel.

I stall for 5 minutes because I don't want to arrive early, then wind up 30 minutes late.