Friday, August 1, 2008

No New Job For Me

The company offered the job to someone who had a more technical background, and who had more years of experience :( I'm so sad. And angry that they made me wait this long to offer it to someone else in the end!

On the plus side, GB's knee is much better.

I'm going to go home and drown my sorrows in ice cream now :(

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Come One, Come All

Bloomingdales is hosting it's annual charity Shopping Benefit ~ And the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation is proud to be a part of it again. For a $10 donation to SAB, you get a ticket that gives you 15%-20% off almost everything in the store (fragrance and cosmetics not included) For each ticket turned in at the door on August 27th, Bloomies will donate an additional $5 to our foundation - only for tickets purchased through us. If you purchase a ticket at the door, the proceeds are divided up among all the charities involved. But hey, it's still shopping for a good cause. So if you were looking for the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something fabulous, here it is.

So give a little, and get a lot!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Alright, here it is. It's pretty bad, don't say I didn't warn you.
I give you.... Golden Boy's awful knee:

His Daddy has been cleaning it out every hour, and trying to drain the muck out. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Survey Says...

Infection, right knee!
Ah yes, Golden Boy had to see an orthopedic specialist yesterday, because the stand by doc (who, despite what Hubs said, was incredibly nice) said little man's knee needed to be drained and had to make sure the infection hadn't invaded his little joints.
Yikes. All this in just two days.
So the ortho guy said it didn't need to be drained, and the infection hadn't gone below the patella. Yay, I suppose. He prescribed Rx and sent us on our way.
OF COURSE the pharmacy didn't have it in stock. STILL waiting on it, in fact.
Long story short, GB woke up with a high fever and the dry heaves. Called ortho doc and got his ass out of bed. He talked me off the ledge, said it's not life threatening, so just focus on getting the fever down and keeping him comfortable. I'm now working on two days with very little sleep and not making a whole lot of sense, I know. Doc says that within 2 days of starting Rx, GB should be good as new. But at 2am, all I could think of was the worst case scenarios.... bee sting leading to coma, West Nile Virus...

On a side note, hubs shaved his head. I don't like this. And I don't mean the Wentworth Miller sexy stubble look.

I mean the down to the scalp Kojak look.

Not that Hubs isn't still hotter than Georgia in July, but jeez.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bug Bite Wisdom

GB has a nasty, horrid, red lump on his knee. He was bit my something at day camp Thursday or Friday and instead of getting better, it's getting worse. (Darn! I should have taken a picture!) He was up before 5am, telling me he couldn't sleep because it hurts. He also likes to really ham it up for attention every chance he gets, so it's hard to tell when it's serious. Anyway, I call the doctor's office because this here is outside the realm of my expertise. I was only trained in first aid, so should you impale yourself, I'll get you nice and set up for the paramedics to take over. But 3 days after a bite? If triple antibiotic ointment doesn't heal it, it must need a doctor. So I tell DH I'll make the appointment and he can take little man in this afternoon.
Of course the doctor is out of town. Her office partner is seeing her patients in her absence. DH seriously dislikes this other doctor, and now doesn't want to take GB in. It's Monday morning, my coffee spilled all over the counter, thus I am not in the mood for stubbornness.

On the other hand, I'll forgive him because he did make an awesome dinner yesterday, complete with oatmeal cookies.

We're in the home stretch with this dog sitting thing. I like Louise, but she is very jealous of my Eva and keeps starting fights. I'll miss her when she's gone, but I'll also be relieved. And just in time for the new one to come....(I'll explain later)