Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've been neglecting you, my dear blog. Here's some randomness to make up for it...

*Wendy's coke & frosty floats are my favorite new thing.
*I bought a great Nine West suit at Loehmann's for only $89. And a cute pair of summer platforms for $4.50.
*I'm a bargain whore.
*Belly keeps saying "tele-ke-NEAT-sis" instead of telekenesis.
*He used to say "fock-ee" instead of coffee.
*I gave my kids donuts and milk for breakfast today. It's my day off, I don't feel like playing short order cook.
*My dog is filthy.
*I've really got to do laundry today.
*Our dish receiver went out. Again.
*Lost everything on DVR.
*I freakin hate our dish provider.
*Someone asked how often I'm asked about my tattoos. The answer is, "Every day." CNN just did a report about how many offices are not tattoo friendly. My office is, but I also haven't had a raise in 3 years. It's a rotten trade off.
*Last week I took a math test and an Excel test.
*Scored higher on math.
*TOTALLY surprised me.
*We have new flooring in our family/multimedia room. I love it.
*My cousin's baby shower is next weekend. I wish I could be there.
*It's in Florida.
*Alien Ant Farm has a new album coming out in July.
*I'd just inquired about them a week ago.
*Same thing happened with 3 Doors Down. I asked about a new album and *bam!* There is it.
*My husband asked if I'd inquired about Nirvana....then said, Nevermind.
*Yes, it was a joke. He's a very funny guy, my husband.


Colleen said...

well hopefully you are enjoying the nicer weather with your boys. :)

Veronica Garcia said...

Summer platforms for $4.50?!?! Is that a typo?????

*sucka for ANY platforms here*

Nevermind, HA! *slaps her knee, laughing* Good one. :P

Marmarbug said...

Shoot did you inquire when I am getting my million dollar check?

Charmed said...

Nothing makes me feel better than a little retail therapy.