Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Please check out Colleen's blog, buy something awesome, and help the Midwest flood victims. I found a FABULOUS necklace on there.

Yesterday on the way home Golden Boy and I witnessed a nasty exchange between a rude bus driver and a woman who didn't speak English. It made me ashamed of my fellow humans. 3 Spanish speaking people quickly intervened and cleared up the issue (the woman had been short $0.20 on her fare, and the driver threatened to throw her or one of her kids off the bus!) but the damage was done.

Which reminds me... back in the day, like, when London Fog jackets were all the rage, my dad had a jacket that had a tiny tag that said R.S.V.P and when I asked him what it meant, he said, "Respect Spanish Verbal People" !


SissyMerks said...

I think we could all have a little more respect for each other! I don't get people with no respect for other's or compassion either. Glad there were some people there to help this lady and her kids out.

Colleen said...

You are such a sweetie to put a link to my fundraiser!

and RSVP? pretty funny...will certainly make writing out Cooper's birthday invites interesting! :)

Joe and Leanna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Please feel free to check back in on Cole anytime!
Your blog cracks me up! Very entertaining!
Hope to get to know you better.