Monday, June 23, 2008

It's okay, Momma's Here

Last night after I'd tucked my little angels in for the night, I heard one of them get out of bed. I went down to check, and found my darling 10 year old climbing back into bed. Why? He said he needed tissue to blow his nose. Asked if he has a cold. He says no.
So I sent little Belly upstairs to sleep in his own room, and asked GB what was wrong. He says, of course, "nothing." I took his still small hand in mine and looked him in the eye. Told him that I know him better than anyone else in the world, and I know something's wrong. Asked him to come down off his bunk bed to talk to me.
As soon as he sat down next to me he started crying. Bawling. While he let that out, I held him and rocked him, stroked his hair. Finally he takes a few deep breaths and tell me that he hears of so many murders and bad things.... then he dissolves into tears again.
My big hearted child! Concerned for the world! I hugged him tight and said that's a very big concern for such a small person, to worry about the whole world.
Then he looks up and barely squeaks, "But I'm afraid it's going to happen to me"

That made my heart stop.

I gave every reassurance I could to explain to him that he was safe. We live in a quiet neighborhood, he goes to a private school. But I have an internal disclaimer button that makes me say things like, "Yes, bad things happen. But they get reported on the news because they're rare and extreme, NOT because they're common. Just because we have 24 hour news networks doesn't mean we should WATCH the news all the time." Just last week I asked my husband if it's possible they're too sheltered being in private school. The alternative is not even an option though, because it's the polar opposite. On Friday night I took the kids out at after 9pm to catch fire flies. (We have a strict catch and release policy) and I was commenting to hubs afterwards that I'm so happy we live in a relatively quiet area, and on a nice calm street so I can do these things and not worry about anyone's safety. And even with all these precautions, my son is afraid he's going to be killed? Is THIS what our world has become?

In the end, after telling him that mom and dad will always protect him, and that he must always rely on his instincts is something doesn't feel right or makes him nervous, I gave him one last bit of advice.
"Always live your life in such a way that you're one of the good guys. Be smart, watch out, and help others. Because the good guys always win."

Some days though, I wonder about that last part.


Marmarbug said...

AWWWW! You know I feel the same way he does. It is SCARY nowadays. I think they should really monitor what is on the news.

SissyMerks said...

Poor little guy! He is right about one thing, the world is a very scary place, one we should all fear. You handled it like a pro! Good job mom. I hope it set his little mind at ease!

Melanie said...

OMG! I got teary reading that. That poor little guy. What a scary thing.

Give'em a hug from us over here!

Veronica Garcia said...

OMG. How ironic. Unfortunately, I was thinking the same thing myself, the other day, and I know I shouldn't and I MUST SAY you handled this like a CHAMP. GREAT MOM words!!

My fear is that because I have a son, I have to be EXTRA careful with him about these kinds of things.

Way to go, Mom. That was excellent.


Monique said...

Awwww. What a perspective he has. I'm sad that your son is facing reality but happy that he has a wonderful mom to guide him through it all.
When Dejah was born my mom said "I'm so sorry your mom brought you into this cruel cruel world ***and then gave her kisses***".

Colleen said...

good job...I"m not sure I'd say the right things if either of my guys came out with fears like that (and so scary to know that his fears, on the most basic level, are very realistic because it can happen to anyone, we just hope that it doesn't). It is a scary world out there. Give him extra hugs from us. :)

Colleen said...

oh, and I tagged you for a meme the other day...

carrie said...

yeah, that's a hard one. Even though I tell mine that God will take care of us, it's with the disclaimer that it's not always the way we think.

Try explaining that one to a 7 year old. I sure the heck can't because I don't understand it all myself.

Charmed said...

Reading that gave me goose bumps. You are a good mommy.