Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ack! I Was Tagged!

Muahaha that means you must read about me, talking about... ME!

Eight Things For Which I Have A Passion: (in no particular order)
1. My boys (duh)
2. Hubs (duh)
3. Long, ridiculous conversations
4. Saving the babies
5. Tattoos, body art
6. Art, in general
7. Historican fiction
8. Shoes!

Eight Things I’d Like to do Before I Die:
1. See my children have children of their own.
2. After graduating from Ivy Leage schools.
3. Finish this dang book I started writing.
4. Act in a Shakespeare play.
5. Find my sister.
6. Retire.
7. Go back to school.
8. Visit Rome.

Eight Things I Say a Lot:
1. What??
2. Good morning, Clever Ideas....
3. Nope, fresh out of clever ideas.
4. Ummm, hello??
5. I love you more than pie...
6. I mean it! 1..2...
7. I love you, too, sweetheart
8. Aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?

Eight Books I Have Read Recently:
1. Lamb by Christopher Moore
2. Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult
3. Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen
4. The Last Great Dance on Earth by Sandra Gulland
5. Next by Michael Crichton
6. I, Elizabeth by Rosalind Miles
7. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
8. The Debutante Divorcee by Plum Sykes

Eight Movies I Have Seen (at least) Eight Times:
1. Braveheart
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Dawn of the Dead
4. Romeo + Juliet
5. Juice
6. Jerry Maguire
7. Ocean's Eleven
8. Seven


Veronica Garcia said...

You learn something new every day about people! Very nice.

Julie Vaicius said...

Great lists - very entertaining.
What was your favorite book out of that list? I am tearing through books this summer and loving it!

SissyMerks said...

Interesting stuff. Your a complex gal!!

Colleen said...

yay! thanks for playing! :D It is really neat to learn more about everyone. I hope you don't mind me prying...but what jumped out at me was that you want to find your sister...?