Monday, February 11, 2008


Saturday night while DH and I were watching 3:10 to Yuma, Golden Boy started screaming at the demented and defective cat, Clementine. I ran downstairs to find a waterfall from the overturned fish tank onto a bookshelf and the couch, and continuing in a small river across the living room. The fish got wedged in between two couch cushions, but survived. DH scooped him up and put him in a cup of water. As he’s grumbling about my troublesome animals, he takes the petrified fish into the kitchen only to find that the dog shit on the floor. If he hated the animals already at that point, that little move certainly didn’t win them any points. The fish has been relocated and is now residing with my mother. Along with JP, the other demented and defective cat that I was going to pitch out into the snow for peeing all over my house. My mom’s a sucker for these things. I’m going to get her a sign that says “Grandma’s Home for Wayward Animals.”

This morning DH made coffee, using our schnazzy coffee maker that drips straight into stainless steel insulated cups so we can just take them and go. Well, he didn’t check the settings, and it had been set to brew only one cup. He poured in enough coffee for two cups, turned it on and walked away. A little while later I was standing there packing my lunch, when I felt something wet on my leg. It’s the coffee waterfall, since it’s trying to pour two cups of coffee into one cup. That’s a fun way to start the week.

Here’s what’s played on my ipod so far this morning….

Paperboy - Ditty (This is how we do it for the nine deuce….)
Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield (Yep, I still love this song)
Pharcyde – Otha Fish (Brings back some strange memories)
Elvis - Good Luck Charm (What can I say, I’m an Elvis girl)
Chevelle – The Clincher (I play this album when I’m tormenting myself on the treadmill)
Mary J. Blige - I Can Love You (Sing it, girl, that's right, he doesn't know what he's missing)
Lissette Melendez - Together Forever (Makes me want to put on my big ass ghetto girl hoop earrings, high ponytail and tight jeans and then go get into a fight with my boyfriend)

Honestly, I don't think there's anything recorded later than 2005 on my ipod. The majority of music is from the 90s, and I'm going to guess that my kids will laugh at me later in life when I'm still jammin to A Tribe Called Quest and Nirvana. See? Kurt Cobain's been dead for like 15 years already! Yesterday the song Paralyzed by Finger Eleven was stuck in my head and I wanted to kill someone. That's what newer music does to me. I'll listen to newer music when Incubus releases their next album, and when Aaron Lewis stops with the "life is great" music. I liked him better when he was tormented and hated himself.


Charlie said...

love is a battlefield reminds me of that scene from 13 going on 30 when Jennifer Garner's character is dancing with all those little girls. And so serious about it. You have to be serious when listening to Pat B.

carrie said...

that was me above. didn't mean to freak you out!

Beth said...

Ouch, rough start to the week. Hope the rest goes better.