Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm Not Perfect Friday

As promised, a short list of reasons I'm not the perfect wife. If I keep up on this, maybe next week I'll tell all the rotten things I did to my mother when I was growing up!

1. Only child syndrome. Yes, and I've got it bad.
2. Fear of vulnerability. I tend to be emotionally closed off.
3. Hold looong grudges. No explanation needed.
4. I often neglect to do "the little things", the same things that my husband remembers to do for me. Like remembering what should go on a sandwich, how one likes their coffee, and whether one likes almonds.
5. When I say "compromise", I really mean, "just do it my way." (Or is that a part of #1?)

Here's an unauthorized pic of the guy who puts up with me, from his visit to the Chicago Auto Show. Where he went with two other guys, because I don't really like the auto show. Maybe that should be #6 - I don't share his interests, but think he should share mine. And also a pic from our renewal of vows, see... he LIKES putting up with me. He married me TWICE!


Dead Tree Studios said...

Dude! Your hubby is standingin front of Bumblebee from the Transformers!!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful post! It's nice to see another transparent person! And your hubby is good looking! Visit me at my new location.

carrie said...

Smokin! that's what you guys are in that wedding photo!

I do that emotional close off thing as well. It gets so bad that sometimes I don't even feel like kissing him! I know! Bad!

ProzacPoet said...

You are gorgeous!! Your hubby ain't too shabby, either :P
I share many of your "faults"....but I sometimes wish I could be more emotionally closed off, because I am entirely too vulnerable when it comes to matters with my hubby, and I HATE that.

Jennifer said...

twice, wow, he 's worthy of saint material

Mostly Sunny said...

Very cute pic of the two of you!

Monique said...

#5-I AGREE! I think everyone really mean to say "just do it my way" when they say "compromise". The word compromise seems like your actually willing to meet the other person half way when your really not!