Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I've Screwed Up This Week

My bank account
My friend's birthday
Forgetting awards ceremony
AND forgetting the kids' spring concert.

I'm really on a roll now! Wednesday was the Spring Concert at the kids' school. Have I mentioned how much I love the school?? Anyway - FIVE minutes before we're set to leave, Daimean tells me he's supposed to dress like a hobo. So I whip up a hobo costume in five minutes. Then he tells me he can't find his shoes (while I'm desperately trying to find something approprate to wear in the 90 degree heat) but he's SURE they're in the car. Fine, I say, just put them on when you get in the car, and he proceeds to walk out in his socks.
Halfway to school I ask him if he's got his shoes on, and he says no, they must be at school.
After threatening to send him to a boarding school in Malaysia, we park and he walks into the school WITH NO SHOES ON. I have never been so embarassed in all my life.


Midwest Mommy said...

Did he ever find them? lol


i don't mean to laugh but I think what you did was fantastic. how did he survive school with out shoes? He probably started a new trend. :)

hope you're holding up with all these temp changes. :)

Veronica Garcia said...

ate least he pulled off the hobo costume well.... with or without shoes. lol

Anonymous said...

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