Monday, May 18, 2009

I am a Terrible Human Being

You know when everything seems to be happening all at once,and it's all you can do to remember what day is it? Well guess what? I do NOT know what day it is. In fact, I'm four freakin days off.
Today I bought a birthday card for my best friend. It's a card that says "Sisters are a gift from God" and it shows an angel. On the inside, the angel has turned evil and it says, "An angry, vengeful God!"
I thought it was hilarious. And I actually said to myself, hurry up and mail this because you've only got two days until her birthday. Because her birthday is May 16th. Duh, because it falls on the same day every year, and has for the last 20 some years that I've known her.
So what's the problem?
I thought today was May 14th. And it is not.
Just checked my bank account online and was startled by the relatively large balance, because in my mind, it's not payday yet.
Which means not only did I *NOT* call my best friend on her birthday, I also am late in paying bills.
What the hell is wrong with me?! I've officially lost it. So where did those 4 days go? Have I been in a fog? A disassociative fugue??
I feel awful :(
And if you're reading this, Angie, I'm sorry that I'm an awful friend, and a terrible human being.


Veronica Garcia said...

I was wondering why I didn't get an email or text Saturday about the reminder..... I ended up just sending her an email... and if she is reading this.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ANGIE!

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Don't feel bad...I've lost a week before! :) Hang in there.

Midwest Mommy said...

Been there. I seriously never know what day it is.

Dawn said...

Been there. We all have. It's called being a human. Sometimes we just f* up.