Friday, May 22, 2009

Defending My Honor

Dear readers,
Maybe you’ve noticed, I like to write. Every English class or creative writing class I’ve taken, I’ve sailed through. Writing is one of my strong points. Far more than speaking, math, art, etc. In my letters about Safe Haven, I can be passionate or persuasive. I can be informative or funny. I can get you fired up or make you cry. I. Can. Write.
However, the Illinois Certification Testing System says that I cannot.
You see, my test results were released today. Got a near perfect score on reading comprehension, but received the minimum passing score on the writing portion. I ask you, how can this be? Even math, the subject that I struggle with, I scored pretty well. But WRITING?! Who the hell scored this? Shakespeare?? Whose standard did I not live up to??!! I must know!


Dawn said...

It's all objective or subjective or whatever it is. I love your writing. So many people do. And just because who ever read your writing sample says you cannot doesn't mean you should stop. Maybe they just had a bad day. Or perhaps they just don't know good writing. Hang in there! Oh, and stop by my blog for a little award-sy.

carrie said...

I don't even know what that's all about, but they can shove it.

You're a good writer. They obviously went to clown school.