Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now THAT'S Dedication!

As anyone who has stopped by my brain fart of a blog here knows, I'm a serious supporter of Barack Obama. Just as Jon Stewart jokes, we Obama supporters talk about him like he's the messiah. But I thought I had it under control. I really did.
Then last night I had a dream that I was actually working for the Obama campaign, recruited by SeƱor Walks-On-Water himself.
Well now. This is just getting out of hand.
I used to dream about Brandon Boyd, or Brad Pitt, or Taye Diggs. My husband even - well, my husband a whole lot, actually. Hey, he's hot and I'm shallow. But I digress.
The fact is that I'm campaigned out, and election day just can't come soon enough!


Veronica Garcia said...

Was it me or did Sarah Palin do a GREAT impersonation of Tina Faye during the debate last night? *giggles*

Dawn said...

Haha...And I thought I was the only who had those dreams...

Chris said...

Well at least your dream was about you working for him and not him "working" for you. Wink, Wink.