Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Out of Nowhere, Part II

A while back I received a call from an old friend. I was less than thrilled, because I remembered all the reasons we'd stopped talking in the first place. So I let it pass, and we haven't spoken since. I've learned that it's okay to walk away from people.
Earlier today I read a post from my friend here http://whatsinsissyshead.blogspot.com
(sorry, the linky thing isn't working) about friendship and how it wanes but can still be resurrected. It was a new perspective for me.

Then later on this morning I got an email from an even older friend - but this was one I was SO happy to talk to! The last time I saw her we were probably 15 years old, and I honestly don't remember how we split. Grew apart? No time for one another? Who knows. But I do have pictures of the last party we went to together. And so does she :) Anyway, got the email. She asked for my phone number, then she called me right away. It was great to re-connect, talk about our kids, and how our lives went from where they were, to where we are now. Also, it was great to explain to someone that my younger son was named after my father, that can say, "Yeah, he was a great guy. Remember when he used to...?" because she knew him. So few people in my life knew my father, it's comforting to speak with someone who did. She's also one of the *very* few people who ever met my half sister, the one I've been looking for over the past few years, with no luck.

Okay, so MySpace isn't a total waste :) Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised by the people who find me there!


Monique said...

This was like Deja vu reading your journal. I've also been reconnecting with old flames I mean FRIENDS (made you laugh..ha ha). That's so cool ya'll can reminisce about pops!

Wow!! So do you guys both live near each other still?

Chris said...

Even if you dont keep the connection enjoy the time you have with your friend now that you've reconnected with her. It happened for a reason. You needed it, you need her right now and that is why she found you.

ProzacPoet said...

LOL I found my own half sister on myspace!

carrie said...

isn't that the weirdest thing. reconnecting and growing apart and all that. I used to have so much guilt for that kind of stuff. But now, I'm like you. It's ok to walk away and not feel like you have to force stuff. It happens.

I'm forever feeling like I have to carry these relationships and really shouldn't it be two people w/ some back and forth involved. I really need to get a grip on this guilt thing.

great post.

Colleen said...

Must be the season! All sorts of folks I knew from junior high and high school have been finding me on Facebook. One was a gal that was incredibly mean to me in JR high...never knew why she hated me cuz I was new to the school and never said anything to, or about, her. I felt bad for about half-a-second when I "ignored" her friend request. But everyone else? Just wild to be finding them!