Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Seriously, people, I know that in some circles, talking politics is unpopular. People don't want to openly share their views. What are they afraid of? Disagreement? Being asked questions they can't answer about why they support their candidate? LIKE SARAH PALIN?! I realize that not everyone is in agreement, and that's fine. After all, this is America, and you can have your opinion and be wrong, too.

So, the election is just a few weeks away. This is IMPORTANT, so pay attention.

BARACK OBAMA is the right person, right now, to lead our country. For all the people who say they don't vote, then since you don't give a rat's ass anyway, go out and vote for Obama.

For any Hillary supporters who have defected to the McCain camp because you are bitter..... Hillary herself would be ashamed of you. Do what's right, you don't choose a leader out of spite. This isn't 7th grade where your friend didn't get picked for class president.

If the last 8 years worked for you, and you're in the top 2% of income earners, and you believe the economy is "fundamentally sound", take a look at Freddie, Fannie, Merrill and AIG before you come back with your comments. Fundamentally sound, my ass.

If MY TAXES are increased in order to build a government that works FOR me, instead of against me, I am okay with that. If MY TAXES can help change the public school system into one that I can actually send my children into, then I am okay with that. If MY TAXES are increased to create programs that help my fellow Americans who are hungry, who have no health care, who are disabled..... So that those who make far less than I can still survive and pay a lower percentage, I am okay with that. We rise or fall as one.

In November, take some responsibility for your country, learn the issues at hand, and vote accordingly. If you truly believe that John McCain can change the dismal course our country is on, and that Sarah Palin can step in and be commander in chief should McCain be rendered unable to continue, then God help us all. And coming from an Atheist, that's quite a statement.


Veronica Garcia said...

As I read this, I pictured YOU at a podium, in a classy navy blue suit, adjusting your glasses and pounding your fist as you spoke these words. JESSICA FOR PRESIDENT! doh! I mean OBAMA 08 OH BOY!!! :)

Charmed said...

Wow! Have you thought about running for office?

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

this is a hard subject to blog about b/c like you said everyone has different views. i' am not read for the sort of change Obama is offering up b/c it just for ears benefits, nor am I for the other ole man, but all in all I'm for the WOMEN!!! Heck she is real, and has real problems.... we need a real person in office..who has the same struggles we all face as parents.. okay I'm just saying girl...

but great blog!!!

Chris said...

I have to give you props for posting your opinions so strongly and standing behind them. You are obviously a strong and educated woman. I wish I could be as sure as you are about who to support. I waiver back and forth a lot. Eventually I will make a decision I will stand strongly behind. I wish I could be as sure as you are about a candidate. Thanks for posting and enlightening on the issues and facts.

Dawn said...

I'm hooting and hollering over here!

YES! Exactly.

Just did a political rant of my own.

Colleen said...

Well said. And I won't do an actual political post because, well, I'm a wuss and I hate when people personally attack me for my political leanings. I don't mind difference of opinion; I do mind when someone points their finger at me like I'm personally responsible for all this country's woes, or makes remarks like I'm some two-bit illiterate bigoted hilljack. That's annoying. Plus, we all know that all our woes are due to stupid Congress. ;)