Monday, September 15, 2008

Natural Disasters

Floods make me sad :(

My heart goes out to so many people who lost everything. How do they pick up the pieces??? Colleen, is it time for another fundraiser?!


Veronica Garcia said...

Ditto. So far, everyone I know is ok. A friend who lives in Houston.... his mom's house barely got hit by a tree. Missed her house by inches!

My parents, live..... feet away from the Chicago River, in a apartment building. They're fine. They live on the 3rd floor. I usually gripe about that, but now I'm thankful.

Colleen said...

I am incredibly embarassed that I didn't see this earlier. And I'm blaming work.

Thanks for thinking of me to do another fundraiser...if I do one I will have to try another style of fundraiser since the last one didn't raise very much. And while every little bit counts, it makes you feel good to send a big check.

Amazingly, my parents didn't take on any water, though chunks of I-80 at the Indiana state line were closed down due to the Calumet River running over...