Friday, August 15, 2008

A Pirate's Life For Me

This is a coworker and myself out on the lake yesterday. It was sooo relaxing and wonderful to spend the afternoon out there, that I thought about selling my house and buying a boat, just so I could live on the water. Never mind that this is Chicago and I'd freeze to death in just a few short months. The *extremely* German hired hand on the boat informed me that the boat, small as it was, cost more than my house. And the gas for it, well let me explain it this way... Big Bertha (our Jeep) gets roughly 17 miles/gallon. The boat gets 6 gallons/mile. No, that's not backwards. It's insane.
So, another dream shot to hell.
On the bright side, I'm on vacation again next week to spend time with the kidlets before school starts on Thursday. We've got a full schedule including:
Omelet station in the kitchen (hope they don't choose Oreos)
Make your own pizza
A trip to Go Bananas (Like Chuck E Cheese, but the games actually work)
Trip to the beach, weather permitting
Lots of movies and games


Midwest Mommy said...

How fun. I love how you always have things planned out. Great ideas.

Colleen said...

you actually look relaxed in that pic. I sure miss the lake *sigh*.

I hope you have a great time spending more vacation time with the kids. Sounds like you've got some fun stuff planned. Can't wait till mine are old enough to do more stuff with. :)

Red Lotus Mama said...

Looks like a perfect day for sailing! Next week sounds like fun too! Enjoy!

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

I think I'll come hang out at your place next week...sounds like a blast! :)

Joe and Leanna said...

Oh man...sure wish I coulda been sittin on that boat with you!

Maybe you could sneak me along next time...would they believe you if you told them I am your foreign exchange student living with you?...LOL..just a thought!

It looks beautiful in that water...our water in OK is all red and nasty to swim in (from the OK red mud).

BTW - thanks for signing my guestbook! AND - I like your new look!

SissyMerks said...

Sounds like a pretty cool vacation.
My boys started school this last Thursday. I'm not sure any of us were very ready for it.
Looks like you had a great time on the lake.

Anonymous said...

wow...didn't know a boat would cost that much!!! Glad you had a relaxing boat ride with your friend. Your line up of activities sounds fun! :)-tatar

carrie said...

nice of that German to shoot your dreams to hell.

keep dreaming. You never know, right?