Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Foster Dogs and The Wisdom of Tupac

Here's one of the foster dogs, Ilio. I thought his name was Greek, but it's actually Hawai'ian for "dog" - kind of like calling him Spot, just in a new and interesting way. He's hamming it up in the back yard here, he thinks the camera is a toy.

I've been thinking about the efforts of the Save Abanonded Babies Foundation, and the goal of child advocates everywhere. Wondering if there's more I can be doing, if I could/should get involved with another organization. I was thinking that maybe Safe Haven has gotten the word out as much as humanly possible, in schools, on street signs.... Then my ipod started rockin out to Tupac's old, old song "Brenda's Got A Baby" and the line that got me was, "That's not our problem, that's up to Brenda's family/Well let me show you how it affects our whole community." Sometimes you just need the wisdom of a slain rapper to remind you that what you're doing affects more than just ONE thing, one person, one aspect of life. The question I often ask myself is, "Where can I do the most good?" Let me tell you - that's not an easy question to answer.

Well, Belly has an answer for it. I left for work this morning before he woke up. Upon waking, he cried to Grandma that he only wanted Momma. So he called me and told me he wants me to come home. I asked him what he'd like to do when I get there - go to the park, read a Charlie & Lola book? He paused, then said "I want to do nothing. I just want you to come here with me."
The moral of this story is: Never underestimate the power of just being there.


Marmarbug said...

So true. Very true.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I love it! What a smart boy!

carrie said...

that's so true!

and, my kids hate it when I go to work. It breaks my heart, but I have to ask them every time if they like to eat. I'm not doing it for fun!

Veronica Garcia said...

Good post. :)