Thursday, February 21, 2008

Songs and Smiles

Ever hear a song that unfailingly makes you think of one person? There are four songs that will always make me stop and smile, and think of my Golden Boy. Here they are, in no particular order:
3 Doors Down ~ Kryptonite
Golden Boy never listened to typical toddler favorites. He liked top 40. This was one of the first songs to which he learned all the words. Just for fun, I’ll tell you that the first pop song I remember learning from the radio was by Air Supply. Holy Jesus I’m old.
Gorillaz ~ Clint Eastwood
He sang this song day after day for months. Made up lyrics where he couldn’t quite understand them.
Ozzy Osbourne ~ Iron Man
This was in his headbanging/potty training period. Just the opening chords were enough to make him happy.
Aerosmith ~ Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Armageddon Soundtrack
The movie Armageddon came out right around the time he was born, it was the first movie I went to see afterwards. I saw 25th anniversary re-release of Grease with one of my best friends the night before I had him, and she’s the same one who came to sit with him while I went to see Armageddon with my grandmother. Anyway, the song perfectly sums up how I’ve felt about him since the moment I knew I was going to be a momma.

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