Thursday, December 13, 2007

Typical Mom Response

Yesterday I got home from a long day of work and shopping in 4 inch heels (so you know I was tired) when I saw my darling son sitting on the couch with his gym shoes. First of all, that's a no no. Upon closer inspection -which for a mom means a 3 second once over- I see writing on his gym shoes. His brand spanking new, expensive, just-got-them-the-same-day Nike basketball shoes.

As any mom would attest, I gave the Typical Mom Response, which went like this...


My unflappable Golden Boy said, "But Momma, Lance Briggs signed my shoes."

Yep, I'd forgotten that Lance Briggs and Brendon Ayanbadejo were at the school to participate in the What Moves U program to get kids excited about physical fitness. How cool is that? And what's even better is that one kid from each of the upper grade classes got to meet them afterwards, ask questions and get autographs. Well, yeah, my Golden Boy was the kid representing his class! We even got to see them again on the news this morning :)


Veronica Garcia said...

AWESOME!!! He shouldn't even be wearing the shoes!! LOL

Midwest Mommy said...

That is awesome! Now he can't wear the shoes anymore!

carrie said...

4 inch heels? what a sassy lady you are!