Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking Forward to Communism

Oh hai! Thanks for stopping by.

Block party was a success, and I even remember some people's names. And and and, I even remember what a few of them do for a living. Why is that the first thing someone asks? Why are we so defined by our jobs? Or am I just bitter because the AC is out at work and I spent every minute of my 8 hours there today hating the shit out of that place? Hmm, could be.

School is coming along well. I'm anxious to be done already. Each time I look at how many classes I still have to take (and how much I *already* owe in student loans) I wonder what the HELL I was thinking when I decided to go back.
My kidlets are adjusting ok to being back in school after summer break. Probably better than I am. Well, if we compare my wine consumption to their SweetTart binges, we're probably about even.

Today I hate being a homeowner. I hate being anchored to this one thing, and all the things I can't do because of it. Can't take the kids to Disney World. Can't go visit my sister. Can't quit my job.....

Sunday I dragged took the kids to Family Mass. As a family that receives financial aid from the school to reduce tuition, we're pretty compelled to attend once a month. Half way through, Isaiah said, "I can't wait to go to second grade and get my first communism."
"It's communion, kiddo."
"Yeah, that. I want that."

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Deb said...

You're really never the same after your first communism.

I secretly despise being a homeowner and all the time the house takes away from our fun. Not that I mow the lawn or anything like that (thank you, Hubby), but it's the principle. ;)