Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jerry Springer

Okay, so this is some family stuff, but I didn't sleep with anyone's husband or my own cousin, and I'm certain that my husband IS the father of the pokies that carry his last name (and blood type, both of them.)
Below is my half sister, Jennifer. She may or may not have the last name of Welch, and she may live in or near Grass Valley, CA. These pictures are pretty old, so she's probably not still rockin' the collared shirt and vest, but if she looks familiar, let me know. We lost touch after our dad died in 1995, and I'd like to find out where/how she is. And I don't think any of you smart asses knew my dad, otherwise you'd surely say, "Yeah, she looks familiar. She looks like Papo!"
His name was actually Isaias, but for some reason, I've never known a Puerto Rican male who actually goes by his given name.

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Midwest Mommy said...

Ok, we are both up way too late!

Have you checked facebook. I just did a quick search and there is a Jennifer Welch Anderson in Silicon Valley California. The picture is small but she has dark curly hair.
Let me know, it would be awesome if it were that easy :-)