Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

...I'm a Toys R Us kid, there's a million toys at Toys R Us that I can play with....

Isaiah was talking about Toys R Us a few days ago, so I sang the old song. We can now add that to the list of songs that make him cry. At least he has a reason for this one. When I was finished, he said he doesn't want to grow up, ever. And he's sad that I'm grown up, because then I'm not a Toys R Us kid anymore. After tons of hugs and kisses, I assured him that he's got many years of being a kid ahead of him, so he doesn't even need to think about being a grown up.
I've got one that never wants to grow up, and one that can't WAIT to be an adult.
Yesterday before I left for school, Daimean asked me if I've made any new friends yet. I said no. He said, That's ok mom. You will. I remember my first few weeks at a new school were tough, too. That's pretty typical of Daimean. He's a darling kid.
A darling kid who just got detention again. This time for not handing in his weekly family folder (which I sign each week to verify I received everything) and for talking and not following directions in class. Which is also typical of Daimean. See, here's the thing - his teachers all adore him BECAUSE he's a sweet kid. The school counselor (who meets with him to work on organization and responsibility) started out by telling me what a charming boy he is. *sigh* I KNOW he's charming. But right now can we please focus on his lack of motivation???
Ultimately, he is doing better, and he IS making an effort. I know he's going to get back on track. It's just frustrating for all involved trying to get him there.


Veronica Garcia said...

I could pretty much skip and hop, in that store, singing that song, holding hands with my son all around that store, LOL. I LOVE IT THERE............ except during Christmas time... then I just hate people. :)

Dawn said...

Love the Toys R Us Song. And how freaking cute is it that D said you'd make friends too! Awww.